voir dire
Voir Dire - the opera by Matthew Peterson

Matthew Peterson come to The Gotland School of Music Composition in August 2008 to compose an opera. Matthew had studied composition in Bloomington, Indiana with prof. Sven-David Sandström and had received a Fulbright grant. In June 2009 there were sketches for a big part of the opera and one aria had been beautifully performed by Sofia Jernberg and the Norrbotten NEO conducted by Petter Sundkvist.  

Nine years later the opera Voir Dire was premiered in the US. It was a big success for Matthew! The libretto by Jason Zencka is based on a true crime. Now Voir Dire has been released on CD and Spotify and other streaming music providers. We congratulate Matthew and are very proud of being in the background of the early stages of the long journey.