Ylva Freds harpa
Radio interviews with three students

Three of our students participated in the Frst festival, Jan 31. Ylva Fred showed a harp that she has constructed. Gustaf Ekman a dancing spider and other motor driven sound objects. Elias Duvner used a mixer console as a musical instrument by using feedback. Moreover Josh Bonnettas film "Strange Lines and Dances" was showed, Mats Lindström permformed his "One" and the audience could see dance improvisation from the Gotlands Dansutbildning. 

Frst took place at the Art Museum and was produced by Visby International Centre for Composers in cooperation with The Gotland School for Music Composition, Gotlands Dansutbildning and Gotlands Konstskola.

Listen to radio interviews with Ylva Fred, Elias Duvner, Gustaf Ekman and Sten Melin, VICC. 

Have a look at one of Gustaf Ekman's motor driven sound objects.