Our students are composing for…

Our partners 2019-2020 (in alphabetic order)

  • Audiorama
  • GotlandsMusiken
  • The Royal College of Music Chamberchoir
  • Musikkonservatoriet Falun
  • Norrbotten NEO
  • Uppsala Kammarsolister
  • Vadstena Sång- och Pianoakademi
  • Visby International Centre for Composers


  • FRST, January 2020
  • Ljudvågor, May 2020


The Royal College of Music Chamberchoir rehearsing during Ljudvågor 2018

Sven-David Sandström

One of Sweden's most distinguished composers Sven-David Sandström has passed away.

From the start of the Gotland School of Music Composition in 1995 Sven-David was teaching and he was deeply involved in the deveolpment and the success of our school. In 1999 he moved to teach at the Indiana University Bloomington, US. For a number of years he remained our primary guest professor. We remember how it sparkled of inspiration in the eyes of our students as they met him.

Sven-David Sandström 2005

Ljudvågor Festival May 15-19 2019

During the Ljudvågor 2019 festival:

  • GotlandsMusiken, conductor Rei Munakata
  • Uppsala Kammarsolister
  • Norrbotten NEO
  • The Royal College of Music Chamberchoir, conductor Fredrik Malmberg
  • Vadstena Sång- och Pianoakademi
  • And so on…
  • There will be concerts with Elektro Acoustic Music
  • The project of the Free-Art students Stina Tordby and Assar Tallinger

Welcome to Visby and this years Ljudvågor!


Ljudvågor 2018

Ramon Anthin received a medal for his contributions to musical life

The Royal Swedish Academy of Music awarded Ramon Anthin their medal for having co-founded The Gotland School of Music Composition, and founded the Visby International Centre for Composers. 

On the picture: Ramon Anthin, Her Highness, Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnusson, and the preses of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, Susanne Rydén.


Ramon Anthin receives the Medaljen för Tonkonstens Främjande

Ljudvågor 16-20 maj, 2018

The festival organisation is now fully occupied with the preparations for the Ljudvågor 2018 festival. The full program includes twelve concerts featuring GotlandsMusiken led by Jan Risberg, Electro Acoustic concerts, Musikkonservatoriet Falun, Norrbotten NEO, Uppsala Kammarsolister and the Chamber Choir from the Royal College of Music led by Fredrik Malmberg. Moreover the exam concert by Luna Green Thur and the Musikresan by Miranda Abrahamsson are included, both students from the Free Art, 1 Year Composition Course.

Ljudvågor 2018

FRST Festival January 27-28

The three concerts of the festival is held at the Gotlands Konstmuseum:

Saturday Jan 27
kl 13:00, Music composed at the Studio Alpha, VICC
kl 14:45, Music from Audiorama, Stockholm
Söndag 28 jan
kl. 14:00, Music composed by students at the Gotland School of Music Composition

FRST 2018

Radio interviews with three students

Three of our students participated in the Frst festival, Jan 31. Ylva Fred showed a harp that she has constructed. Gustaf Ekman a dancing spider and other motor driven sound objects. Elias Duvner used a mixer console as a musical instrument by using feedback. Moreover Josh Bonnettas film "Strange Lines and Dances" was showed, Mats Lindström permformed his "One" and the audience could see dance improvisation from the Gotlands Dansutbildning. 

Ylva Freds harpa

Ljudvågor Festival May 15-18, 2013


Preparations for the festival Ljudvågor (Sound waves)  2013 is in full swing! Norrbotten NEO, Music Conservatory of Falun and GotlandsMusiken will participate, and approximately 50 works will be premiered! Welcome!



Erik Lindman-Mata represents Sweden at the UNM 2013 festival

The jury for the festival Young Nordic Music 2013 has selected seven young composers to represent Sweden in Oslo 2013. One of them, Erik Lindman-Mata is stuying at the Gotland School of Music Composition. Erik composed cessation / root lock for students at Musikkonservatoriet Falun. cessation / root lock was premiered during the festival Ljudvågor 2012 in Visby. Five of the six other chosen composers have studied at the Gotland School of Music Composition. Read more here: http://www.unm.se/news_unm.html

Australian report on Gotland School of Music Composition

The singer and teacher Jeannie Marsh came all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to the Ljudvågor 2012 festival. Jeannie attended all the concerts and lots of rehearsals. She talked with the students, the musicians and the teachers. Jeannie was entusiastic and here is her extensive report.

Young Nordic Music festival in Reykjavik

5 of 7 selected Swedish young composers and one of the Icelandic have studied at the Gotland School of Music Composition! Learn more about the UNM festival here http://unm.is/


Visit from Australien

Singer and composition teacher Jeannie Marsh from Melbourne, Australien came to study the Ljudvågor 2012 festival and the Gotland School of Music Composition and to exchange experiences from composition training.

Ljudvågor Festival May 8-12, 2012

Preparations for the festival Ljudvågor (Sound waves)  2012 is in full swing! Norrbotten NEO, Music Conservatory of Falun, GotlandsMusiken, Södra Latin Chamber Choir and others will participate, and approximately 50 works will be premiered! Welcome!

Matthew Peterson wins opera competition

The opera "Voir Dire" won the Opera Vista competition in Houston and will be fully staged during the Opera Vista festival 2012. Matthew started to compose Voir Dire while studying at the Gotland School of Music Composition. This year Matthew is a member of our faculty.